Dr. Robert B. Raffa

Dr. Robert B. Raffa is Professor of Pharmacology and the past Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Temple University School of Pharmacy. He is also adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine. Dr. Raffa earned bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Physiological Psychology at the University of Delaware, master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering (Drexel University) and in Toxicology (Thomas Jefferson University) and a doctorate in Pharmacology from Temple University School of Medicine. Dr. Raffa was Research Fellow and Team Leader for the CNS analgesics discovery team at Johnson & Johnson and was pivotal in the elucidation of the mechanism of action and the development of tramadol (Ultram™).

He is co-holder of several patents, including the combination of tramadol with acetaminophen (Ultracet™). Dr. Raffa is co-author/editor of several books on pharmacology and thermodynamics, has published more than 225 articles in refereed journals, and is Associate Executive Editor of LIFE SCIENCES. Dr. Raffa is a past president of the Mid-Atlantic Pharmacology Society and President of the Forget-Me-Not Foundation. He is the recipient of research and teaching awards. Dr. Raffa maintains an active research effort funded by the NIH and lectures and consults worldwide on analgesics and analgesic combinations.

Peter Tobar

Peter Tobar has broad leadership experience in marketing and sales management. He is well known in the pharmaceutical industry for leading the marketing team that launched Prevnar®, the most successful vaccine introduction to-date. Currently in the fifth year of managing his own consulting business following a 20-year career at Wyeth (acquired by Pfizer in October 2009), Peter is engaged in projects supporting numerous pharmaceutical companies in addition to serving as Vice President, Business Development for the Peer Review Institute.

Prior to his current position as Managing Partner with Tobar, LLC, Peter enjoyed a steady rise up the corporate ladder with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, starting as Sales Representative for American Cyanamid, Lederle Laboratories division (acquired by Wyeth in 1994), later promoted to District Manager and various positions of increasing responsibility within product management.

As Group Director, Peter led the development and implementation of all market preparation activities in support of the Prevnar vaccine and built near universal awareness and demand among key customers during the pre-launch period. He achieved the most successful vaccine launch − and among the top 5 most successful pharmaceutical launches in the United States − realizing cumulative sales exceeding $1 billion in its first 18-months post-approval.

As Assistant Vice President, Global Strategy & U.S. Marketing, Peter led the crisis management team orchestrating public relations efforts and relationships with physicians and vaccines policy groups during a worldwide shortage of the Prevnar vaccine. During this time he worked closely with members of the FDA, CDC, AAP, AAFP and various EU Regulatory agencies to keep them updated while orchestrating the equitable distribution of available vaccine doses. Peter also has extensive experience in the marketing of antihypertensives, antibiotics, and other vaccines including Orimune®, HibTiter®, Pnu-Imune® 23 and Meningitec™.

Peter earned BA (Biology) and MBA degrees from Wake Forest University. He also served as a Lieutenant, Supply Corp, in the United States Navy Reserve. 

Dr. Joaquima (Jackie) Serradell

Dr. Joaquima (Jackie) Serradell is senior vice president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Peer Review Institute. She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree at the University of Barcelona, Spain, a Masters in Public Health (MPH) and a PhD. at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She undertook a post-doctoral fellowship at the United States Pharmacoepia.

She has held various academic appointments at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, before moving to the private sector, where she has been, since 2002, the vice president of Pharmasultants Group, a firm specializing in consulting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the areas of pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, outcomes research and policy analysis. She has performed work for US and international companies.

She is a popular speaker, having spoken in Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Dubai in addition to the United States. She is the author of a book on SARS which has just had its second edition published. She is fluent in a number of languages.

Albert I. Wertheimer

Albert I. Wertheimer is a consultant to the Institute. He is a professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. Previously, he was a director at Merck and Co., Inc. for outcomes management and research, a vice president of pharmacy managed care at First Health, Inc., a pharmacy benefits management company (PBM), Professor and Dean of Pharmacy at the University of the Sciences, and a professor and director of graduate studies at the University of Minnesota.

He earned a B.S. in pharmacy from the University of Buffalo, M.B.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a PhD from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School of the University of London, in the department of social medicine and epidemiology.

Dr. Wertheimer is the author or co-author of over 400 articles in scientific and professional journals, 32 books and has consulted or lectured in about 65 countries, and he is the editor of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, published by Wiley. His research deals with pharmacy economics and compliance.