Now Providing Expert, Outsourced Medical, Regulatory and Legal Talent

Blue Bell, PA March 4, 2013 □ Peer Review Institute (PRI) today announced that it is expanding its services to include the sourcing of contract Medical, Regulatory and Legal personnel to facilitate the internal review of promotional materials for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

The workload for promotional review committees is typically very heavy and can often be made even more challenging by vacancies or product launches. This demanding workload can be critical in light of the FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) rigorous enforcement of prescription drug information to ensure that it is truthful, balanced and accurately communicated. PRI’s new service offers companies access to highly experienced individuals who can handle any or all aspects of the promotional review process to help ensure conformance with OPDP guidelines. For smaller companies, this service could enable the complete outsourcing of the promotional review function, while moderate to large companies may look to this service to fill specific personnel coverage gaps for shorter periods.

“Peer Review Institute has an advisory team comprised of accomplished, senior level experts in the healthcare industry, many of whom have extensive experience working both in industry and at FDA. Additionally, with nearly 300 medical reviewers on-board, we can provide clients access to clinicians who have deep expertise in virtually every facet of medical specialization,” says Albert Wertheimer, Ph.D., Principal and co-founder of Peer Review Institute.

In a statement, Peter Tobar, Vice President, Business Development said, “The outsourcing of critical functions has become widely adopted within the pharmaceutical industry as evidenced by the growth of contract sales organizations (CSO’s) and contract research organizations (CRO’s). Our service provides a new and economical alternative for staffing review committees, with the added flexibility of taking on short or longer term assignments.”

About Peer Review Institute: Peer Review Institute was established to support the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries by enhancing the credibility and regulatory compliance of their promotional messaging. In addition to providing outsourced, contract Medical, Regulatory and Legal reviewers, PRI also offers its clients a professional vetting of their promotional material by independent, therapeutic category experts to help ensure that product claims are clinically sound, fair-balanced, and compatible with the current scientific literature.

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